Meet Holly



My name is Holly Werner and I am a fine art and lifestyle photographer based in the Metro East St. Louis Region.


St. Louis, Missouri

Growing up in Roxana, Illinois I attended my first photography class at the age of 15.  Besides disposable cameras, I had never held a real camera in my hands before then, and for me it was magic. I learned on an old-school, pin needle, Canon film camera and I remember begging my mom to buy me my very own. I was lucky enough to learn with film and develop my own photos in the darkroom but also bridge the digital divide by keeping up with the latest technology.


After graduating high school, life lead me to the Rocky Mountain School of Photography where my path changed forever.  I ate, drank and slept photography while being surrounded by like-minded, passionate people and breathtakingly beautiful scenery.  I acquired the professional tools I was looking for as well as the experience and friendships that have taken me around the world.


                                                                                Glacier National Park, Montana

Over the last ten years living in Montana, Illinois and abroad, I have honed my skills as a freelance photographer.  I specialize in people; most notably weddings, family portraits and children.  I even spent time passing on my passion through photography and Photoshop classes to adults and children.  However, I also love places.  I have traveled around the globe and even lived in Istanbul, Turkey, and my camera has been at my side every step of the way.


Istanbul, Turkey



           Vienna, Austria                                                                                        London, England

My style of photography is natural, delicate and joyful.  Although I like to play in Photoshop from time to time, I love nature, the change of seasons and warm natural light.  I am so fortunate to finally fulfill my dream by dedicating my life and my work to my passion for photography.  I’m looking forward to finding beautiful new places and meeting incredible new people, like you, along the way.



                     Athens, Greece                                                                     Santorini, Greece